Why Fish Tank?

I decided to call this page Feminist Fish Tank. Yes, I am a feminist. Yes, I like fish. Plus, I am very much into alliteration. It is a bit more clever than just that though.

A fish tank is an ecosystem with complex social relations and hierarchies in which the inhabitants are on constant display. While cared for, the diverse members of the fishy community are dependent on various [power] structures and choices of decision-makers. The fish tank is a relational place where allocation of resources takes place. Sound familiar?

As this blog populates with links to articles, reflections, narratives, and whatever else, the fish tank gets more decorations and more resources. It will also – hopefully – get more residents (yes, I will be sourcing labor from my amazing friends and offering cafesito or conference beer in return). Fish tanks can be pretty eclectic, which is how I would describe my vision for this page.

I hope you stop by once in awhile to connect about academic journeys, service experiences, teaching, doing feminism, and all the things.

Kind regards,

Peach – the starfish from Finding Nemo who is an intelligent worrier

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